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Ice Melting,Water Dripping:the Objecthood of Containers at East Sanshui Street Market
冰與水  一起滴下
Date    2019



​  Visiting the East Sanshui Street Market and through mutual exchange,I managed to obtain some implements in use or receptacles for foods from the stallholders. As my interaction with the stallholders increased, I, originally as a stranger to the market, heard about various stories they recounted, in which I found the delicate intricacies of the links between their lives and the implements or receptacles they use, such as the white cotton cloth cleansed every day at the chicken stall, the wooden crate made by the stallholder's grandfather and used for six decades at the grocery store, the Styrofoam box replaced once a week at the fish stall, the hanging hook for deli free-range chicken, and the plastic basket with specks of mud. These daily implements and receptacles in the markets record and respond to their respective properties as well as the traces of time.

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