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Mapping,Walking/Moving,Indexing:Bodily Experience of Landscape
Migratory Matters-Rememory and Reworking in Mattau
Date    2017
Exhibition / Research

  麻豆糖鐵沿線景觀的描繪步行是動態的、是沉浸式的,步行消除景觀上靜態且單一的觀點。相反的,步行者的經驗強調了時間性與感知的體現。身體在景觀中移動,形成一條路徑,也描繪出一個不斷發展的路線與痕跡。在移動的過程中,身體收集或吸收所經過場域的殘留物(包括物質性與經驗性的)。這些路徑(線條)與殘留物都可以被看作是人與場域間產生的指標或是直接痕跡(imprint)。 而在移動中所產生的這些線條與痕跡將可以用來溝通另一個移動。

​  The experience of walking is kinetic and immersive. It erases the single-point perspective and embodies the temporality and perceptions of the landscape. As the
body moves in the landscape,it maps out a path that traces the constant unfolding of routes and markings.The body collects or absorbs the remnants of the field as it along its way. The paths,markings,and remnants constitute the indexes or imprints of the
interactions between human beings and the field.In turn,the lines and marks produced during the movement serve as communicative media of another movement.

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